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I'm Just The Translator

People have a habit of calling everything a science or an art or both. That's why I called violence a science in the post "Ashwatthaman Ended The Trojan War". But The Yuga Theory is really scientific in the entirety of the term. In other words, it means Indians in general and Hindus in particular do not have a monopoly over The Yuga Theory. That is exactly what made my work a lot easier. To be honest, it was not easy. Since Mar. 2009 to Mid-Nov 2015 I went through more than six years of hell. But still, looking back it was easy. If you want to find further evidence of The Yuga Theory do not try to go through and understand ancient Sanskrit texts. Those texts are ruined beyond repair. This is a warning. If you want to protect your sanity, avoid the Sanskrit works as much as possible. Unless it is absolutely necessary. So where is the evidence for Yuga Theory? Read on. I promise you, you will feel like The Yuga Theory had all along been stalking you and is staring right into your face and is about to pounce on you like a very hungry lion on a calf.

But there are certain requirements you should fulfill.

First requirement, make some space in your cluttered mind. Enough space to consider three different civilizations. Do not worry it is not that difficult.
Second requirement, become a big boil in your own arse. In other words, become a scientist who screams "I WANT EVIDENCE". In simple terms, be rational.

I assume my requirements are met.

First, information from India and Ancient Indian Civilization.

Read these lines from Paramahansa Yogananda's "Autobiography Of A Yogi"; Chapter 16 - Outwitting The Stars. {Footnotes}

The Hindu scriptures place the present world-age as occurring within the KALI YUGA of a much longer universal cycle than the simple 24,000-year equinoctial cycle with which Sri Yukteswar was concerned. The universal cycle of the scriptures is 4,300,560,000 years in extent, and measures out a Day of Creation or the length of life assigned to our planetary system in its present form. This vast figure given by the rishis is based on a relationship between the length of the solar year and a multiple of Pi (3.1416, the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle).

The life span for a whole universe, according to the ancient seers, is 314,159,000,000,000 solar years, or "One Age of Brahma."

Now read this line from the Introduction of Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri's "The Holy Science". Swami Sri Yukteswar himself was quoting Manu from his Samhita.
... ...That fourfold cycle comprising 12,000 years is called an Age of the Gods. The sum of a thousand divine ages constitutes one day of Brahma; and of the same length is its night.

It means,

12,000 Solar Years an Age of the Gods or a Daiva Yuga.
12,000*1,000=12,000,000 Solar Years A Day Of Brahma.
Another 12,000,000 Solar Years A Night Of Brahma.
24,000,000 Solar Years An Ahoratra Of Brahma.

This is my problem. Yogananda says "4,300,560,000 years in extent, and measures out a Day of Creation". Brahma is called "Creator". Obviously the words are used interchangeably. So why did Yogananda say 4,300,560,000 years when his own Master Sri Yukteswar puts it at 24,000,000 years? And what's worse? Yogananda brought in the mathematical constant, pi, and not just pi but it's multiple! The multiple of pi!! Can you beat it? If this is worse, the worst part is when he says, "... based on a relationship between the length of the solar year and a multiple of Pi... ..."

You will find many pages with Yuga Time Scales, in which The Age Of Brahma is given. It is 311,040,000,000,000 Solar Years. That is Three Hundred and Eleven Trillion and Forty Billion Years. So, what is it's relation to pi? I found a few pages on the internet but the explanation did not impress me. If you are interested in reading them, just search for (Age of Brahma and Pi). Do not forget to remove the brackets.

Information gathered from India and Ancient Indian Civilization is pi and length of the Solar Year.

Second, information from Egypt and Egyptian civilization. The information from Egypt is actually very little. But beware of The Egyptologists. They are like crocodiles from the River Nile. They will bite your arse the moment they think you are a pyramidologist. Who are Egyptologists and who are Pyramidologists? Egyptologists are people who are studying everything about Egypt and Egyptian civilization in a scientific way based on hard core evidence. Pyramidologists are people who after they find a speck of information will add a lot of their own shit, bullshit, horseshit, dogshit, - all faecal matter imaginable. They do not stop there they try to feed it to everyone they come across, especially the Egyptologists. So, the Egyptologists are always in a bad mood. Egyptologists call Pyramidologists, "PyramIDIOTS". The problem with Pyramidologists is they allow their excitement get the better of them, finally they really make PyramIDIOTS of themselves.

The information I need is only that little speck of information on which the Egyptologists and Pyramidologists unanimously accept about The Great Pyramid from The Giza Pyramid Complex. It's connection to the mathematical constant, pi. Egyptologists say pi can be observed in The Great Pyramid. Whether it is deliberately incorporated or not is a point the Egyptologists have no evidence on. Let me make this very clear at this point. I, Ashwatthaman am trying to find if Pi is deliberately incorporated into The Great Pyramid. For the time being, I too have no evidence.

The information about The Great Pyramid, in present day measurement -in metres specifically. The details are from Wikipedia, "Great Pyramid of Giza". There is negligible variation from other sources.

Base is 230.4 metres
Height is 146.5 metres

Pyramidologists say, "The Great Pyramid ate pie deliberately".
Egyptologists say, "The Great Pyramid must have accidentally eaten pie".

Accepted fact is that pie was eaten. How do the Egyptologists and Pyramidologists know this? Of course, they tested the shit. To a certain degree, it is actually easy.

Simplest way is :

pi in Windows Calculator



Answer is right upto 3.14

Who first noticed pi in the Egyptian Pyramid? A guy called John Taylor. In the war between Egyptologists and Pyramidologists, John Taylor will be a Pyramidologist.

What are the units in The Egyptian scale? The Ancient Egyptian Scale for length is called The Royal Cubit. It's length in the modern scale is given by the Egyptologist Flinders Petrie. In the Egyptian scale the base of The Great Pyramid is said to be 440 cubits and the height is 280 cubits. Yes, you will get 3.14 with the Royal Cubit also. Flinders Petrie obviously gave the value of The Royal Cubit in Inches. The Royal Cubit in Centimetres will be around 52.35 Centimetres. But there are slight length variations in the Cubit sticks found.

Everything is fine with the Egyptologists and with The Great Pyramid. Now, I am the problem. The Age of Brahma and the multiple of pi made me read about other ancient civilisations. In 2010, The Great Pyramid with its pi connection made me think about the Royal Cubit. Every time I had to think about The Great Pyramid, something about me just rejected The Royal Cubit. I always felt The Royal Cubit is not of the right length. I think The Royal Cubit we know is slightly smaller than what it should be. I do not know what my readers think, but if you ask me, I will say, The History of this world is The History of Cheating.

The pharaoh has the greatest chance to be a crook. If the pharaoh is a dumbass then his subordinates and other officials will certainly have the option for being crooked. If something goes wrong and the official is suspected he will just blame the Pharaoh, simply claim the Pharaoh ordered it. Will the commoners go and check it out with the Pharaoh? Not only will the Pharaoh be worried about protecting the boundaries he will certainly be more worried about treason and conspiracy within his own family. Who has time to worry about the people? Let's leave Ancient Egypt and Egyptians.

Information gathered from Ancient Egypt is a massive pyramid and pi.

The following information is completely from Wikipedia. I hope it is at least partly correct. The footnote says "This page was last modified on 15 October 2015, at 16:36".

Third, information from a place called Teotihuacan in Mexico. There is a Pyramid in Teotihuacan and it is called "The Pyramid of The Sun". It is not known what the people who built it called it. There are three sets of data in the same page. I decided to get the average base length and average height...

Details in Metres

Base : 224.942+223.48+220+230=898.422

Height: 75+65.5+71.17=211.67

Base is 224.6055 Metres
Height is 70.5566 Metres

Just looking at the numbers will remind you of pi. 22/7.

pi in Windows Calculator


Answer is right upto 3.1

Information gathered from Mexico is a massive pyramid and something which reminds you of pi.

Now compare information from all three sources.

India, very particularly Paramahansa Yogananda is talking about "Solar Year" and hence, The Sun and pi.
Egypt has a big pyramid and is showing pi -deliberate or not. Says nothing about The Sun. The Royal Cubit has my "No Objection Certificate" to go to hell.
Mexico has a big pyramid and is indicating pi feebly -deliberate or not. The Wikipedia entry "Pyramid of the Sun" did not mention any local scale used by the builders. To be very honest, I did not even try to search for the scale on the internet even if one exists. It did not even occur to me till I am typing these words. I will be a very lousy scientist.

Just consider the Egyptian and the Mexican Pyramids, particularly the measurements in metres. Considering the fact that the metre scale is very recent(21 October 1983 -According to Wikipedia). Why are they so close to the numbers 22/7.  The Egyptian pyramid is close to 22/14.(2*7=14). Why are they so massive? Why only in the shape of a pyramid? What is so special about that shape? Why was the Mexican Pyramid called "Pyramid of the Sun"?

Now ignore the pyramids and consider what Paramahansa Yogananda says referring to "The Age of Brahma". "This vast figure given by the rishis is based on a relationship between the length of the solar year and a multiple of Pi (3.1416, the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle)."

Consider the following calculation based on Yogananda's words.




It suddenly occurred to me on 14 November. 2015 that Yogananda quite literally meant "the length of the solar year"! It is NOT THE LIGHT YEAR. The explanation is far simpler. We learnt as kids that The Sun rises in the East. As the earth tilts on its axis we have Equinoxes and Solstices. It creates an observable feature which we tend to ignore. The Sun does not exactly rise at the same place. It looks like it is also moving horizontally not just vertically. This can be proven very easily, some temples are constructed in such a way that the Sun rays fall on the image of God or Goddess in the temple only on a particular day. Why not on all days if the Sun is rising in the East everyday? For the simple reason that the Sun is not rising exactly in the same spot. Yogananda was referring to that when he was saying "the length of the solar year".

How to get The length of the Solar Year?

I will suggest an experiment. Now, the scientists must definitely step in.

Imagine a precisely constructed cube or cuboid shaped room aligned to True North the way the The Great Pyramid is constructed. Much more precisely oriented to true north than The Great Pyramid is.
Have no obstructions to the rising sun. Better still, construct a room with the East facing wall having only the beach or sea before it. So, nothing will block the sun's rays.
The room should be completely dark except for three very small and carefully measured holes of equal size in the East facing wall, the west facing wall and also through the ceiling. The holes in the walls should be exactly of the same size. The holes on the sides should be at the same height. Atleast as precise as possible. The alignment should be in such a way that if a laser moving only on one axis could cut through the wall, it should be able to cut through all the three holes. To reduce error further, may be it is better to have square or rectangle shaped holes. Holes, not windows.
Now, for a complete year measure how the sunlight is moving in the room. As the sun rises every day you will certainly have a Y-Axis length every day but as days pass you will also record a horizontal or X-Axis line. To complete the line it takes you 6 months or 182 or 183 days. After that the sun's rays will start going back again. You will know it by the Equinoxes and Solstices.
Now, you should really imagine this because you cannot do it. I have a strong feeling that if the sun rays can be solidified in that form, that at the end of the year, if you cut the sun rays in the proper way, you will actually have a small pyramid in the room! The base of that pyramid will most probably be half "THE LENGTH OF THE SOLAR YEAR" that Paramahansa Yogananda is referring to.

You will also create an upside down pyramid.

Whether there is a pyramid or not, the length of line created by the sun rays falling into the room through the East wall is half "THE LENGTH OF THE SOLAR YEAR".

I am now making a guess based on this experiment. If The Egyptian Royal Cubit is made the way I suggested, then The Great Pyramid will probably have a horizontal shaft opening to the East side. The sun rays will create The Egyptian Royal Cubit Scale on the inside of the West wall. It's an interesting situation. First, you need the cubit to build the pyramid and then the pyramid will create the cubit for you. Creating the cubit is probably one of the many functions of the pyramid.

Now don't let your imagination run riot. Don't imagine two small pyramids on the wall and don't let them remind you of a woman's breasts. As the Ancient Geometry problem of "Squaring the Circle" now stop thinking about how to put hemispherical breasts in a pyramid bra. Don't ask me how to. Don't even ask me why a half circle is called semi-circle and half a sphere is called a hemisphere instead a semisphere.

What you see below is not a string of Hashmarks. It is a fence with V's representing downward spikes. DO NOT get carried away by what you are reading below those spikes.


Now that I have thrown a bone for the scientists to bite, lick and play with for one year, what should we do till the scientists get their information? Just wait for them? We are lucky, we are not scientists. We will allow our imagination to run riot for some time just like the pyramidologists. But never forget, the laser of rational thought hangs right above our necks just like the sword of Damocles.

Let's call "The LASER of Rational Thought" Ockham's Laser. Scientists use Ockham's Razor. Ockham's Laser is used for beheading. No, don't tell Islamic State (IS) Terrorists. They will think they can order a dozen for their personal use in their war against sanity.

How is it that the metre scale is tallying {though with a slight error} with scales which the Ancient Egyptians and with the scale used to build the Mexican pyramid?

As we have nothing better to do, let's summon The Royal Cubit back from hell. Flinders Petrie's Cubit length is 52.35 Centimetres. As I seriously doubt that scale, let's call it Petrie's Cubit. Let's convert The Great Pyramid's length from Petrie's Cubits to Metres. Petrie says the base is 440 Cubits and height is 280 cubits.

52.35 centimetres = 0.5235 metres

The Great Pyramid
Base : 440*0.5235=230.34 metres
Height : 280*0.5235=146.58 metres

My results are not too different from entries in Wikipedia. That's nice. Keep an eye on the numbers 230.34 metres and 146.58 metres.

Imagine me as a stinking rich fellow in India and who like an Egyptian pharaoh decided to build a pyramid. I want the pyramid based on the numbers given by Swami Sri Yukteswar and Paramahansa Yogananda. The pyramid will not be for my dead body. I want my body cremated. I want my dead body to be fine ash. I need the pyramid as a planetarium. For the pyramid, we need the numbers first. We will go back to Sri Yukteswar and Paramahansa Yogananda Literature.

There is another branch of Sri Yukteswar's spiritual lineage. They published a book titled "Kriya Yoga". Chapter 4 is "The Yuga". In it the author quotes "The Manu Smriti". 

The twinkle of the eye is taken as the unit measure of time... ...According to Manu Smriti the equation is as follows;

"Ten and eight twinkles make one Kashta, thirty Kashtas make a Kala;
Thirty Kalas make a Muhurta and similar (count) make an Aho ratra."

Nimesha is the time of One Twinkle or Blink of an eye.

18 Nimeshas = 1 Kashta
30 Kashtas = 1 Kala
30 Kalas = 1 Muhurta
30 Muhurtas = 1 Aho Ratra {24 Hour Period}

There are 18*30*30*30=486000 Nimeshas in an Aho Ratra.

There are 24*60*60=86400 Seconds in 24 Hours.

486000/86400=5.625 Nimeshas in a second.

From Paramahansa Yogananda's "God Talks With Arjuna". {It is a commentary on The Bhagavad Gita.} In the commentary of Chapter IV Verse 27 There is a line, "By the perfect performance of Kriya 1,728 times in one posture (that is, at one time), and by practising a total of 20,736 kriyas, a devotee can reach the state of samadhi (God-union)."

As we do not have "the length of the solar year", let's take the speed of light.

Speed of light is 299792458 metres per second.

In 24 hours it will cover

299792458*86400=25902068371200 metres

How many metres will it cover in 1 Nimesha?

53296436.977777777777777777777778 metres

This is still too damn big for me. What to do? Come on, as far as my pyramid is concerned I am the pharaoh, I will do as I please. The construction is mine. The simplest solution is to change the decimal position.

53296436.977777777777777777777778 metres will become
.532964369777 metres

I will take .532964369777 metres

or 532964369777 picometres

Yeah, now I have all the numbers for my construction.

What should the length of the base be?

Let's take the number from Paramahansa Yogananda's commentary: 1728.

Let the base perimeter be 1728. So, the side will be


Base length divided by Half pi is height.




I am a very considerate man. I will round off the height to 275. Tears of happiness are rolling down my engineer's face. The numbers 432 and 275 show that my pyramid will be slightly smaller than The Great Pyramid.

Base Length = 432
Height = 275

What will the length and height be in metres? I came up with a number right? I will use it.

.532964369777 metres

Length will be
432*.532964369777=230.240607743664 Metres

Height will be
275*.532964369777=146.565201688675 Metres

Dear readers, are the numbers 230 and 146 reminding you of anything? I told you, my dear readers to keep your eye on a couple of numbers a little while ago, did I not? What does it show you? I do not know what it shows you but it shows me that I need not build a pyramid to my specifications. It is already there. It is in The Giza Complex. It is called The Great Pyramid.

Except for a fraction of length of light, all other numbers came from Swami Sri Yukteswar and his disciples. So, what happened? What most probably happened is, the fraction of length of light that I chose, is very close to the actual Egyptian Royal Cubit which is also very close to "the length of the solar year". Probably the length of The Egyptian Royal Cubit is equal to "the length of the solar year".

Let's ignore the Egyptians for some time. Consider the Hindus. The average Hindu likes huge numbers. The number need not have or make sense. Give a huge number and the Hindus will love you for it. Say the huge number came from their forefathers or even better from their rishis, they will fall at your feet and worship you. It's both amusing and embarrassing. The main reason why Swami Sri Yukteswar is avoided like poison by the Hindus is because he lessened the durations of the yugas. For example, he said Kali Yuga is only 1200 years and not 432,000 years. Sri Yukteswar did not multiply 1200 with 360, so, the Hindus were displeased. As he and his most important disciple, Paramahansa Yogananda kept quoting The Bible at the drop of a hat, many Hindus dislike them even more. They think if Hindu books are conveying the message then what's the need for the other books? So, when such Hindus say The Age of Brahma is 311,040,000,000,000 Solar Years I disbelieve them. How did they get such a big number? Swami Sri Yukteswar just mentioned the time scale till the Aho Ratra of Brahma. Which is 24,000,000 years. But read this line from Paramahansa Yogananda's "God Talks With Arjuna", Commentary for Chapter IV Verses 7-8 "As the lifespan for a whole universe, according to ancient seers, is over 300 trillion years-an Age of Brahma-... ...". The truth is I preferred to disbelieve Paramahansa Yogananda also, but I was willing to consider his words occasionally. The evidence for this "over 300 trillion years" does not come from the Hindus. It comes from the Ancient Egyptians. Take a look at the Ancient Egyptian calendar. It has a 10-Day week! Can you guess where it fits in the yuga theory? 24,000,000 years is a "Day of Brahma". Ten Days of Brahma is 240,000,000. That's the time for the Sun to revolve around our galaxy, the milky way.

I am now willing to believe 311,040,000,000,000 Solar Years idea. I do not know how many years of Brahma takes us to that number, but the simplest way is to multiply 240,000,000 years with 1296000 Arc Seconds. (360*60*60)

240,000,000*360*60*60=311,040,000,000,000 Solar Years.

Some dumbass Pharaoh must have made the change from 7-Day week to 10-Day week. {There are three weeks in a 30-day month}. Thank you dumbass Pharaoh. You made my work easy. What makes me feel they originally followed a 7 day week? The Royal Cubit has 28 Digits 7*4, that's why. If my suspicion that The Royal Cubit is deliberately shortened then it most probably had 29 or 30 Digits indicating the Synodic month. One method is to shorten the cubit by a fraction of a digit and then readjusting the resulting length into 28 digits. But I would reserve my opinion till further evidence is found.

If multiplying 240,000,000 with 1296000 is really the method. Then it only indicates that there is some other star somewhere which moves so damn slowly, that it moves just one arc-second for every 240 million years. The position of that star will decide the "Age Of Brahma." May be we should not use the words "Age of Brahma" and "Lifetime of Brahma" interchangeably. When you want to know someone's age you ask, "What's your age?" or "How old are you?". You do not say, "What's your lifetime?". We do not know the position of The Dual, around which The Sun is supposed to be revolving. How will we know the position of the other star, which moves just one Arc-Second in 240 Million years? First thing, I do not know if there is such a slow moving star, which indicates the Age of Brahma. If it is not Sirius or Belt of Orion then something near those stars is definitely part of the drama though I do not know which one or what it is. If you take a bird's eye view of The Giza Complex and also The Teotihuacan Pyramid Complex in Mexico; the arrangement really reminds one of Belt of Orion. Robert Bauval was the person who noticed that feature in the Giza complex. I do not accept Robert Bauval's claim that they represent the three stars in the Belt of Orion. I feel The Great Pyramid and The Pyramid of The Sun really represent the Sun. The Khafre pyramid and The Pyramid Of The Moon represent The Moon. The Menkaure Pyramid and Temple of Quetzalcoatl represent The Dual. I feel the three pyramids or structures arranged in the form of Belt of Orion indicate that there is something at or near the Belt of Orion we should look for. May be it shows the age of Brahma. Who knows? May be even galaxies have Duals!

I read somewhere, I forgot the source, that Indians themselves do not know where the word "Hora" came from. Why Vedic Astrology is called Hora Shastra; is not known. One assumption is that it is derived from the word Aho Ratra. a-HORA-tra. I think Hora is the name of the Dual around which The Sun is revolving. Ayanamsha deduction is done on the basis of Sun's position in reference to the centre of the galaxy in the Sun's path around the Dual. So, if there is no Dual, there is no ayanamsha, if there is no ayanamsha there is no Vedic Astrology. I think Hora is the name of The Dual. The Horus of Egyptian pantheon is the Dual represented as a god. Hora's anthropomorphic form. What I want to say is, when the dual is found we should call it Hora, because that is it's name.

Now, The Sphinx. Something about the Sphinx always bothers me. I never went to Egypt probably never will but looking at the photgraphs, does it not look like the Sphinx is in a groove? What is the damned thing doing in a groove? Looking at one particular image I understand it is facing East. As it has a human head probably the Pharaoh's head, may be we should interpret that the Pharaoh is saying to the rising Sun, "Dear Sun God, A thousand salaams to your arse." May be it does not have a meaning more than that.

Yeah, fence closed. Consider what is written in it. DO NOT get carried away by it even if you think I am right.

There is an old Egyptian mathematical work. It is called "Rhind Mathematical Papyrus". It implies an approximation of pi as 256/81. Ignore whether they imply pi or not just look at the numbers 256 and 81. They can be expressed as

256=4 to the power of 4
81=3 to the power of 4
and look at the numbers used from Yogananda's works.
20736=12 to the power of 4
1728=12 to the power of 3

I should rephrase that world famous quote from the movie "Star Wars" and say, "May the force of the Powers and the Power Of Fours be with us, always."

The generally accepted base length of The Great Pyramid is 440 Cubits will give a perimeter of 1760.
Cube root of 1760=

*** *** *** *** ***

Read these lines from "Conversations With Yogananda" written by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)

"In March of 1900,Sri Yukteswar organised a procession through the streets of the city of Serampore, Bengal, announcing the advent of the new age of Dwapara. Certain bystanders actually protested by throwing stones! Even today it is difficult to get his unorthodox explanation widely accepted in India. The resistance in that country is on dogmatic grounds.
-Entry 40

*** *** *** *** ***

Read these lines from Paramahansa Yogananda's "Autobiography Of A Yogi".

The omnipotence of spiritual law was referred to by Christ on the occasion of his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. As the disciples and the multitude shouted for joy, and cried, "Peace in heaven, and glory in the highest," certain Pharisees complained of the undignified spectacle. "Master," they protested, "rebuke thy disciples."

"I tell you," Jesus replied, "that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out."

In this reprimand to the Pharisees, Christ was pointing out that divine justice is no figurative abstraction, and that a man of peace, though his tongue be torn from its roots, will yet find his speech and his defense in the bedrock of creation, the universal order itself.
"Think you," Jesus was saying, "to silence men of peace? As well may you hope to throttle the voice of God, whose very stones sing His glory and His omnipresence. Will you demand that men not celebrate in honor of the peace in heaven, but should only gather together in multitudes to shout for war on earth? Then make your preparations, O Pharisees, to overtopple the foundations of the world; for it is not gentle men alone, but stones or earth, and water and fire and air that will rise up against you, to bear witness of His ordered harmony."

*** *** *** *** ***

Nothing is problematical to the Incarnation. He solves the most difficult and intricate problems of life as the simplest of things in the world, and his expositions are such as even a child can follow. He is the sun of Divine knowledge, whose light dispels the accumulated ignorance of ages.
-Entry 728

Sayings Of Sri Ramakrishna

*** *** *** *** ***

Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri really solved a difficult problem just like an Avatar; the Incarnation about whom Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was talking about. What did Hindus do? Threw stones at Sri Yukteswar to silence him. It is not India, Hindus, or Hindu scriptures that prove Sri Yukteswar right. The stones in the form of pyramids in Egypt and Teotihuacan are crying out that Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri is right. He found his speech and his defense in the bedrock of creation.

Dear readers, it is not me who spoke to you through this post. It is the stones, that formed the Pyramids. I'm just the translator. I dedicate this post, "I'm just the translator" to all the stones, the bedrock of creation.

P.S: There is no copyright for what I am posting in this blog. But do not forget that the books I have quoted from have copyrights. Check whether I quoted correctly, you would know I am not misleading you.

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